Date of departure 18th May 2023 from London Gatwick airport to Montego Bay Jamaica afternoon arrival        We transfer to our hotel by A/C coach to Riu Club via the coast WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU’RE NOT BOOKED WITH US?
  • You may book your travel package through another agent or direct with the Riu Club Negril Jamaica as you will need to be staying at the hotel to be able to enjoy the benefits we offer in our “Activity Package” all classes, party’s, trips and sunset cruise can be purchased from the booking page or through us at the hotel
  Jamaican slangs   Here is a list of Jamaican terms, give them a go! Practice in your best Jamaican accent…
  • “Every ting criss” (crisp) is the equivalent of everything’s cool.
  • “Bless” and “Respect” with an accompanying chin nod can be used as standard acknowledgments to people you pass on the street.
  • “no problem” – the answer to just about every request made of a Jamaican.
  • Also, exemplifies the national attitude.
  • “wagwan” – means ‘what is going on?’ – mainly used as a greeting, similar to ‘how are you’.
  • “soon come” – ‘soon’ can be any length of time. Often used by a person when they are departing to come back but know not when will return.
  • ”Galang” = go along ‘g’way’ = go away
  • “wayyuhaga?’ = where are you going?
  • “Lickle” = small
  • “Gras” = marijuana
       INTERESTING FACTS Jamaica has many exotic fruits – many types of mangoes, star apple, sweetsop, soursop, custard apple, rose apple, sweet-cup, otaheita apple, jack fruit,guinep, tamarind, and naseberry, among others. When in season, all are available at roadside stalls.

The pineapple was introduced to Hawaii from Jamaica

Jamaica has about 50 species of coral, in addition to a wide variety of beautiful sponges and seaweed. Some of Jamaica’s corals are found nowhere else. When Jamaican fireflies flash their lights, it means they are courting each other. Each species has a different flash and the females have a different signal from the males. They are known locally as blinkers or peenie-wallies!